StealthBond® FAQ

1. What is StealthBond®?

StealthBond® is a concealed adhesive system that utilizes a high-strength structural adhesive. StealthBond’s® proprietary adhesive technology allows for traditional 5V Crimp metal roofing panels to be installed with no exposed fasteners and eliminates thousands of fastener penetrations in the metal. StealthBond® is the Next Generation of Installation®

StealthBond® Features:

  • No Exposed Screws for Metal Roofing Panels and Trims
  • Eliminates most fastening penetrations allowing for a concealed fastener installation
  • Minimizes dimpling effects of oil canning
  • Installs faster than traditional 5V Crimp roofs
  • Advanced adhesive system eliminates pre-drilling of screw holes
  • Residential and light commercial applications

2. How does StealthBond® work?

StealthBond® utilizes the Stealth Connector’s® surface area, to which the structural adhesive is applied, creating a permanent bond with the metal roofing panels. The StealthBond® system eliminates the need for thousands of screw fasteners and provides a clean look and worry free protection for your home. The adhesive stays flexible and allows for the natural expansion and contraction of the metal roofing panels. This proprietary process is Florida Building Code approved, and has been recorded with the U.S. Patent Office.

3. What benefits can I expect with StealthBond®?

Homeowner Benefits
As a Homeowner you can expect peace of mind when choosing the StealthBond® system. StealthBond® is an investment you can count on as the StealthBond® system eliminates thousands of screw holes in your metal roof and decking. Homeowners can rest assured that their roof will be installed with the utmost care by trained and authorized StealthBond® installers. Each StealthBond® installation is carefully designed and crafted to give you the clean, concealed-fastener look you want—without the pesky screws.

StealthBond® Dealer Benefits
As a StealthBond® Dealer, you will have an exclusive territory in which to offer the StealthBond® 5V Crimp Concealed Adhesive System to homeowners. Qualified metal roofing contractors able to meet our stringent guidelines will be trained and authorized as dealer/installers. Your roofing company will receive every inquiry and lead in your designated territory, and you will be the only metal roofing contractor to offer this system to homeowners. Be the first in your territory to grow your metal roofing business with the StealthBond® Advantage. To learn more about becoming a StealthBond® Dealer please visit

4. How much does StealthBond® cost?

The cost of a StealthBond® 5V Concealed Adhesive Roof is similar to that of a typical concealed-fastener system. Final cost depends on a number of factors including the complexity of your roof, and your geographical location. Click here. For more information on cost please contact our sales department.

5. How does StealthBond® compare to other Metal Roofing Systems?

StealthBond® is the only metal roofing installation that utilizes a structural adhesive instead of fasteners and screws. This allows a 5V Crimp thru-panel fastened roof to be installed as a concealed-adhesive system. As a StealthBond® Dealer you will have the ultimate advantage in your market place with this new innovation in Metal Roofing Installation. StealthBond® is The Next Generation of Installation®

6. What product approvals does StealthBond® have?

The proprietary StealthBond® system has Florida Building Code product approval (FL 17955), and is recorded with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.