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StealthBond© Roofing Now Miami Dade Approved




StealthBond® is the solution to maintenance problems screws cause with metal roofing installation. Hear it from a StealthBond® Installer!

Traditional 5V Crimp metal roofing installation requires thousands of screws to fasten the roofing panels to the decking.

Thousands of fasteners means thousands of penetrations in the metal panels. Not only can those screws cause unsightly oil-canning or dimpling of the panels, but over time, those screw fasteners can back out of the panels leaving a hole the roof.

StealthBond® provides contractors a means to install 5V Crimp without all the screws, and eliminate the problems of oil canning and screws backing out of the roof.

The StealthBond® Advantage means roofs that are typically screwed down can now be installed as a Concealed Adhesive System.  No more screw holes.  No more oil canning.  No more worries.

Metal Roofing

  • 5V concealed adhesive system creates a clean, luxurious “Key West” look
  • Eliminates thousands of screw holes
  • Reduces metal roofing installation time
  • No screw-hole shavings to corrode and stain roof
  • Structural adhesive allow panels to remain flat during expansion and contraction
  • Eliminates oil-canning and dimpling caused by screw tension
  • StealthBond® is backed by a network of Authorized and Trained Installers
StealthBond vs. Traditional

Metal Roofing

  • Exposed fasteners can be unsightly
  • Screws can back out of panels over time
  • Metal shavings from screw-holes can corrode and stain panels
  • Potential dimpling and oil canning from over-tightening fasteners
  • Thousands of screws means labor-intensive installation

StealthBond® gives you the look and functionality of a concealed fastener system without the screws!

Gibraltar Industries

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StealthBond® is backed by Gibraltar Industries, a multi-million dollar international company, and is produced in America in Jacksonville, FL.

Gibraltar Industries is a leading manufacturer and distributor of products for building markets. Gibraltar serves a large number of customers in a variety of industries in all 50 states and throughout the world from facilities in the United States, Canada, England and Germany.