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StealthBond© Roofing Now Miami Dade Approved




No idea is so outlandish that it should not be considered….

The StealthBond® concept began during a dinner conversation with local roofing contractors and their suppliers. Homeowners have always preferred the traditional “Key West” look of a 5V Crimp metal roof, but they don’t like all the exposed screws that are necessary to install the metal roofing panels.

“Has anyone ever considered a way to glue down metal roofing so you don’t have all those screws?” After all, structural adhesive technology has advanced tremendously in the last 5 years and is used for bonding components on aircraft and space shuttles. Why not take advantage of this technology on metal roofing panels?

Our R&D team was challenged with this task, and a method to install traditional 5V Crimp metal roofing without screws was born. StealthBond® is the metal roofing industry’s first concealed adhesive system utilizing structural adhesive technology. The proprietary fastening method is hidden and concealed. Stealth.

Now homeowners can have the “Key West” look they want without all the screws.

StealthBond®. The Next Generation of Installation®.

Advanced Adhesive

Advanced Adhesive technology tried and trusted

StealthBond Connector®

Florida building code approved connector base

The StealthBond® System

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StealthBond® gives you the look and functionality of a concealed fastener system without the screws!