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StealthBond® Adhesive.
The Next Generation of Metal Roofing Installation using Adhesive.

Introducing StealthBond® the first metal roofing system to utilize a structural adhesive for metal roofing installations.  StealthBond’s® high-strength structural adhesive technology provides a fastener-free installation of traditional 5V Crimp metal roofing panels. This virtually eliminates the thousands of exposed fasteners typical on standard installations. With StealthBond® there are no exposed screws for 5V Crimp metal roofing panels, trims and flashings. StealthBond® is the Next Generation of Installation®.

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StealthBond® Features

  • No exposed fasteners on metal roofing panels, trims and flashings
  • Concealed Fastener Adhesive installation eliminates screw penetrations
  • Minimizes dimpling effects of oil canning
  • Installs faster than traditional 5V Crimp exposed fastener roofing systems
  • Structural Adhesive System eliminates pre-drilling of screw holes in roofing panels
  • Residential and Light Commercial Applications

Clean Look, No Compromise

Get the Clean Classic Metal Roofing Look, with No Compromising

Signature Design and Exclusive Community

Be the first to experience the Stealth Design and create the perfect environment for your family.

Style and Value

StealthBond® installation creates a unique look for your home and added value